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Trust Trust
    Originated in one of the most fertile areas of the world, Thailand, we have been trusted by our customers across the globe to produce added food products for more than four decades.
Innovation Innovation
    Roza® is always looking for new ways to add value to our products. Easy-Open- End, Squeezable bottle, Flexible Packaging, Safety Button, Retortable Tray are a few examples of our commitment to enhance our customer's experience.
Capability Capability
    2,000 FCLs of mackerel, 1,100 FCLs of sauces, 400 FCLs of tuna, 300 FCLs of tomato pastes, 200 FCLs of sweet corn are annually produced by 1,500 people in four facilities to ensure stable supply to our customers.
Building the future through partnerships.
Marketplaces Partnership
Roza® is providing
• Canned seafood
• Sauces
  • Processed vegetables
• Ready-to-eat meals
• Pet food
to customers in every continent.
  Roza® is always looking to build partnerships in all aspects of business. In today's globalized environment, we realize creating synergy is the only way to success. We are ready to work with our partners all the way from product design to marketing management.
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