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Tuna Recipe
Serving tasty food with benefit functional health
Our tunas are flavoured with Thai spices and ingredients to create authentic and healthy menus ranging from Tuna Green Curry, Tuna with Chilli and Basil Leaves and Tuna Nam-Prik. Apart from Thai dishes, Tuna Steak, Spicy Tuna Steak and Tuna Mayonnaise are added for your selection. They come in a trendy and convenient pouch packaging, ready for your instant enjoyment.

Tuna in Vegetable Oil

Our Tuna products are all enriched with nutritious natural DHA for healthy brain function and OMEGA-3 Acid for healthy blood circulation system and lower cholesterol levels.
Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil(EOE)
Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil(EOE)
Code 250
Size 185 g.
Packing 48 cans
20'FCL(carton) 1,500
Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil
Tuna Chunk in Vegetable Oil
Code 255n
Size 105 g.
Packing 24 pouches
20'FCL(carton) 2,450